When a school goes above & beyond

At the time of writing this, Sproglet is due to start Secondary School in September. Whether he actually starts full time or on a staggered time table is as yet undecided as a result of the current Covid pandemic. That’s probably a whole other post for another time about the pressure of having a childContinue reading “When a school goes above & beyond”

What’s an Adoption Information Event?

For anyone who has considered whether adoption could be right for them, you will need to make that initial phone call or send that email to your local authority or chosen adoption agency to tell them that you are interested in finding out some more information. They are likely to want some details from youContinue reading “What’s an Adoption Information Event?”

Mum, can I drink coffee?

This was the lament of our 8 year old Gremlin when faced with another day of home learning during the Covid-19 lockdown with teacher mum. I secretly think she prefers teacher dad but he was out at work as a key worker. After composing myself, I realised she was deadly serious and wondered how bestContinue reading “Mum, can I drink coffee?”

An unexpected visitor

The doorbell rang and for a split second I gave serious consideration to not opening the door. Our morning had been a disaster since my parenting partner in crime (affectionately known as dad by our children) had left earlier for work. I had Gremlin determined to grow her teeth as painfully as possible. This meantContinue reading “An unexpected visitor”

So you want to adopt siblings?

That was the question repeated back to us by our Social Worker after we had finally voiced the real desire for the outcome of our adoption journey. It was finally out there, having been said out loud for the first time in the presence of a social worker during our home assessment. We waited nervouslyContinue reading “So you want to adopt siblings?”