Top Ten tips for your First Christmas

Well the craziness has well and truly descended on our home and the run up to Christmas seems to be busier that ever with school discos, school Christmas dinners, sleepovers, Christmas shopping, adoption training and life in general. I’ve recently been supporting some families with children newly placed with them and they are looking aheadContinue reading “Top Ten tips for your First Christmas”

A Whirlwind of Appointments

Like many parents this year has been nothing short of living in the eye of the storm or riding a rollercoaster that you just want to get off so everything can just calm down for a while. We have had the drama of home learning, followed by the return to school but not really resemblingContinue reading “A Whirlwind of Appointments”

Sometimes it’s just the little things

I need to start by saying that this post isn’t so much about adoption other than the way it made me realise again how much we need the support of others at different times in our parenting. The Gremlin came home from school yesterday evening really excited that the following day the poppy resources forContinue reading “Sometimes it’s just the little things”

It’s National Adoption Week 2020

So this week in the UK it is National Adoption Week. I always take the time to feature it on my Facebook and this is the first year that I also have a blog, so I will feature it here. Adoption is such a personal journey for many people but it is more than possibleContinue reading “It’s National Adoption Week 2020”

Did they have to share everything?

Like many thousands of other children right across the UK, our kids have recently gone back to school after a prolonged period of home learning due to Covid-19. We were inundated with emails and letters from the school explaining the different procedures that would be in place to ensure the safety of our kids fromContinue reading “Did they have to share everything?”

FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)

I realise that this issue will not affect every adopter but it is a disability that is very close to my own heart. September 9th is recognised as international FASD day and the date was chosen to represent the 9 months that a baby is developing in the womb. According to the National Organisation forContinue reading “FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)”

We need to build a motorway (explaining the brain to Sproglet)

Let me start this post by clearly pointing out that I am not a neuroscientist or specialist and there are a million professionals (well possibly not that many but you get my drift) who have written countless books on the subject. I am not going to even attempt to use all the official terms andContinue reading “We need to build a motorway (explaining the brain to Sproglet)”