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Top Ten tips for your First Christmas

Well the craziness has well and truly descended on our home and the run up to Christmas seems to be busier that ever with school discos, school Christmas dinners, sleepovers, Christmas shopping, adoption training and life in general. I’ve recently been supporting some families with children newly placed with them and they are looking ahead…

Is it broken?

In spite of having what I believe are sometimes the world’s clumsiest kids, I have to confess that in our almost 9 years of parenting we have been VERY fortunate to avoid any really serious injuries. For that, I regularly thank God as my biggest irrational fear in life involves Doctors, Dentists and anyone in…

A Whirlwind of Appointments

Like many parents this year has been nothing short of living in the eye of the storm or riding a rollercoaster that you just want to get off so everything can just calm down for a while. We have had the drama of home learning, followed by the return to school but not really resembling…

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