Is it broken?

In spite of having what I believe are sometimes the world’s clumsiest kids, I have to confess that in our almost 9 years of parenting we have been VERY fortunate to avoid any really serious injuries. For that, I regularly thank God as my biggest irrational fear in life involves Doctors, Dentists and anyone inContinue reading “Is it broken?”

A Year Ago TODAY!

As I logged in to the blog today, I couldn’t help but notice how many started attempts I have had at blog entries that are all still sitting in draft form. Some are almost at the point of completion, others are half written and then seemingly abandoned, and some are little more than a headingContinue reading “A Year Ago TODAY!”

Most treasured items?

So having moved house in the last year, we are still regularly moving things around until we are happy with where we have placed everything in our new home. Although we did the big clear out with countless bags being donated to local charity shops or being disposed of (responsibly of course lol!) before weContinue reading “Most treasured items?”


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